The Future of the UC Davis Learning Management System

Our current Learning Management System (LMS), SmartSite (powered by Sakai), has served UC Davis since Fall 2007, but hasn’t received significant updates in some time. In a world now saturated with laptops, smartphones, tablets, social media, online/hybrid/blended courses, interconnected web applications, and a growing population of students who require more electronic accessible features to participate fully in their education, UC Davis must consider the future of teaching and learning with technology on campus.

To help with this effort, the Learning Management System Transition Initiative, a working group of the Campus Council for Information Technology/Educational Technology Subcommittee (CCFIT-EdTech), was formed in Spring 2013 to lead a campus-wide exploration and evaluation of future directions for our LMS. This exploration has included a look at the future plans of our current vendor, Asahi Net International, as well as the plans of possible new vendors, such as Instructure, and Desire2Learn.

This website is dedicated to keeping the UC Davis community updated about the working group’s progress. Here you’ll find an overview of our timeline, which we will update frequently, as well as answers to common questions.


For the first few months of the 2015 year, the LMS Transition team worked in collaboration with the campus affiliates and their respective representatives from across the various UC Davis colleges. From this collaboration, the team has managed to evaluate the needs of students, faculty, and staff in a new LMS. Along with the data obtained from the campus community throughout this intensive process, the team has managed to put together a proposal for which of the piloted systems best suits the campus. The team will be gearing up for the next stage in this project, which will involved getting people familiar with the new system once it has been prepared. All visitors to this site are welcome and encouraged to participate and possibly provide valuable input into this ongoing process.

Past Activities

  • Over the course of summer 2014, the LMS Transition team worked on preparing for the pilot process that took place last fall. These pilots followed the announcements were made at various LMS vendor conferences during the summer.
  • Recordings from the May 23rd LMS Showcase have been made publicly available. Also be sure to fill out the Showcase Feedback Evaluation Form.
  • Watch a recording of the May 2 DOLCE Meeting, dedicated to an update on the status of the LMS Transition Initiative. The LMS Transition team and its partners are eager to keep a finger on the pulse of ever changing technologies. Participation and contribution to DOLCE events, and events like it, are extremely helpful and highly sought after.